136: Leading Your Prospect Through Storytelling With Ginger Zumaeta (Part 1)

In today’s market everyone considers themselves an expert, and so many people have been burnt either because the expert they hired was not the expert they needed, or was not quite the expert they thought they were. In this episode Ginger shares with us how story guides people to that place of comfort certainty and trust.

My Guest: Ginger Zumaeta

Ginger Zumaeta, advises companies on positioning and communicating big ideas. She’s the Founder and CEO of Zumaeta Group, a positioning and messaging strategy firm, and author of the forthcoming book Deckonomics: Design Presentations that Spread Ideas, Drive Decisions and Close Deals. Ginger has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, such as Coca Cola, Verizon, Union Bank, Amgen, Anthem, Infinity Insurance and many others. Her insights have been featured in publications such as Business Insider, TheNextWeb, Better Marketing, Storius, and Marketing Profs, among others and she’s spoken about marketing and messaging on numerous stages including Verizon’s Hispanic Marketing series, the Latina Style National Conference, Union Bank’s Personal Branding series, Kaiser Permanente’s Annual Brand Conference, and the Promax National Conference. She’s the winner of 3 Emmy Awards, 12 Muse awards and a Gracie Award for her work in television, and has held positions as an adjunct professor at UCLA and Cal Lutheran in marketing and research. After going from an award-winning career at NBC to launching a strategic consulting firm, Ginger uses her experience in storytelling and persuasion to train corporate teams in telling better business stories to move high-stakes work forward with clear and succinct presentations grounded in story structure and backed by brain science.

Pivotal Moments

·       Ginger began in TV in research and found herself struggling to tell the stories of what the research was telling her.

·       She was responsible for analysing all of the ratings understanding how audience was flowing in and out of shows and so on.

·       The reason Ginger moved to storytelling was because she had dense technical information.

·       During the 2008/9 recession Ginger had to lay off her entire team as well as get her pink slip.

·       She took the opportunity to think about changing, and have not looked back since.

·       She now works with companies who are having a hard time expressing their unique and defensible difference.

·       When you are trying to attract a client base or audience you need to think about what makes every story interesting.

·       Ginger focuses on what the problem story is.

·       When you begin with the problem then you can invite people in and then you can go back to your genesis story.

·       We are in a learning economy.


In your story you need to talk about the following:

·       Who you are?

·       What you have done professional that you have lead the path successfully?

·       Cost of the journey

·       Benefits of the journey


Proximity is power

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