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45: Choose the Right Career Path with Steve Perkins (Part 1)

What did you dream of doing as a kid? Steve Perkins believes that childhood dream still holds the key to finding your proffesional sweet spot today, and he is here to help you find it.In this episode, Steve, who is transitioning his profession from engineer to career coach, shows us how doing what we love is a possibility AND that it actually makes real business success so much easier.


We also discuss the pros of small business versus big business and how to scale a small business without losing all of that niceness you had at the beginning. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss!!




My Guest: Steve Perkins

Steve Perkins is very familiar with the feeling of untapped potential. He spent 12 years searching for his career sweet spot, from building superconducting particle accelerators, to launching a culture transformation within a Fortune 500 company, yet always feeling that he wasn’t making the impact he was meant to make. After discovering his sweet spot, he started a company to help others clarify and step into theirs!


And Steve is now the founder and CEO of Greenhouse Culture, helping people get unstuck, clarify their Sweetspot, and get intentional about making their greatest contribution.


Pivotal Moments:

As a kid, dreamt of being an inventor. Was advised to become an engineer, which turned out to be a totally mismatched career choice.
Worked in “super-geekdom” creating superconducting particle accelerators.
Was intrigued by what his purpose in life really was, so began taking personality tests and performance reviews.
Was drawn towards the idea of opening his own business, and spent years clarifying his purpose, goals, vision and business plan.
Left his coveted engineer job and created Greenhouse Culture, a coaching firm that helps individuals turn their strengths and passion into career that they love.


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Part 2 of this episode, where you can hear Steve’s awesome advice on how to find your sweet spot, plus his struggle and breakthrough, will be live this Thursday, January 17th. 

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About the author, Estie Rand

I love turning ideas into money, and helping others do the same. I help small business owners with everything from marketing to fiscal management, business plans to staffing, database architecture to work/life balance coaching and I love it all! What do you need help with today?

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