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45: Choose the Right Career Path with Steve Perkins

What did you dream of doing as a kid? Steve Perkins believes that childhood dream still holds the key to finding your proffesional sweet spot today, and he is here to help you find it.

In this episode, Steve, who is transitioning his profession from engineer to career coach, shows us how doing what we love is a possibility AND that it actually makes real business success so much easier. We also discuss the pros of small business versus big business and how to scale a small business without losing all of that niceness you had at the beginning. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss!!

30: Passion Brings Profits with Brian Burke

Brian has a super niche company, SellYourMac, and because of that super niche and an early start online he’s on target to do $20M in sales this year. With his passion for all things Apple and a super positive can-do attitude, it’s easy to see why Brian is so successful- and not hard to see how he’s so profitable. The twist at the end of this episode will stay with you for a lifetime, showing you that when you pull back the curtain on any business there are maj000000


……….. surprises.

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