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My dream always was, and still is, to help small business owners live their dreams. I've noticed that all business owners struggle somewhere. Even those that look so shiny and perfect on the outside are hurting somewhere on the inside.

Many of the podcasts out there feature rags-to-riches success stories with the promise that you can do it too! Ever felt that you really can't?

That's why I created the Business Breakthrough Podcast, featuring stories that you can relate to, sharing struggles you can learn from. The show features business owners - from those just starting out to the super successful - and in addition to exploring previous transformational business moments and hearing their best advice, together we aim to reach a Business Breakthrough live on air!

Recent Episodes

Dennis Friebe - Business Breakthrough Podcast

37: Magical Business Building Blocks with Dennis Friebe

“The best way to build up your business is while getting paid.” Magician Dennis Friebe (Kardenni) takes us on his journey from HS Magic Shows to featured at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, illustrating how small, profitable steps over many years can launch a high-level career. We also discuss the right time to hire, and how to hire when you only need sporadic assistance and don’t want to pay for regular staff.

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Viral Video 101 with Shay Rowbottom - Business Breakthrough Podcast

36: Viral Video 101 with the Content Queen Herself, Shay Rowbottom

If you want to make it on social media today, you need video. And if you REALLY want to make it, you need some viral video. I’m so grateful to the queen of viral video, Shay Rowbottom, who pulled back the curtain on how to create, title, caption and launch viral videos on platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn. If you were ever wondering what makes one thing go viral over another, this is a must listen.

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Nail It Handyman Jacob Guttman - Business Breakthrough Podcast

35: Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business with Jacob Guttman

Jacob Guttman is not a handyman, yet he is running the most successful handyman company in the Tri-State area. By working solely on the business and never in it, he was able to build tremendous success. We discuss how to use the business triangle – choosing two aspects that you will excel in and ignoring the third. We also tell the story of the day he fired his entire staff to upgrade his company, yet still maintained good relations with everyone. This episode is a must-listen!

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Some of my amazing guests include

And I want you to be a guest too!

What my guests are saying...

meredith_crawford_plainThank you for having me on your show last Wednesday-- and for our conversation afterward. I held off writing this email until our conversation settled, because I wanted to let you know what some of the immediate outcomes are as they may affect your editing. 
Firstly, I am preparing to do a professional 180. Being on your show reminded me how much I love the analytics and number-crunching and rekindled a desire to teach others how to do their own analytics in business (and life). Thus, I will be stepping away from agency/consulting and into business coaching/training-- with a focus on teaching business owners in expense-laden industries and other business coaches how to do their own analytics. The Solerno Media website will be fixed by the time your episode airs, but a new website is under development and I will actively be promoting coaching services as of Monday (tomorrow). 
Thank you again for having me on your show and your time-- and for the reminder of what I truly love. <3

Yoel-Judowitz_plainAmazing Business Breakthrough Podcast interview with Estie Rand yesterday! I was a little nervous in the beginning, but her superfantabulous interview skills, and her steady stream of effortless, effervescent brilliance-bombs set me at ease. Estie is a fountain of business knowledge, experience, and practical know-how! Highly recommended!

mary_rose_maguire_plainEstie truly has a unique approach toward marketing and generously offers helpful tips that can give clarity to others. I was privileged to be a guest on her show and since talking with her, I've re-branded my site and continue to position my services a little differently. Finding the right brand archetype was a huge breakthrough. I have been connecting with others more easily and it also opened up a panel opportunity with a new target market.

Estie also has the ability to quickly pinpoint marketing obstacles. She’s able to see what is keeping someone “stuck” and gives solutions to move forward. Sometimes we can be too close to a situation to see what is needed. Estie has “laser goggles” that enable her to cut through the murkiness of over-analyzing or “tunnel vision” and achieve breakthroughs. When it comes to marketing, Estie is a true diamond!


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