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My dream always was, and still is, to help small business owners live their dreams. I've noticed that all business owners struggle somewhere. Even those that look so shiny and perfect on the outside are hurting somewhere on the inside.

Many of the podcasts out there feature rags-to-riches success stories with the promise that you can do it too! Ever felt that you really can't?

That's why I created the Business Breakthrough Podcast, featuring stories that you can relate to, sharing struggles you can learn from. The show features business owners - from those just starting out to the super successful - and in addition to exploring previous transformational business moments and hearing their best advice, together we aim to reach a Business Breakthrough live on air!

Recent Episodes


74: Find your Inner Entrepreneur with Nathan Seaward

Growing up, Nathan Seaward not only wanted to be a pilot, but he probably wanted to be an actual airplane! Nathan dedicated the first half of his life to his pilot career, but a deep inner sense that he had more to give to the world led him away from his stable job, and into a successful coaching career.

In this episode, Nathan and Estie go deep into the coaching and consulting industry, exploring everything from how to set up an online coaching course, to the lazy entrepreneur and the what-if-positive mindset. Tune in for a fun episode packed with jokes, quips and of course incredible value.


73: Entrepreneurship While Dealing With A Mental Health Crisis with Alex M. White

Sometimes the conscience is just too strong to ignore. For Alex M. White it was seeing little school children holding hands while wearing gas masks after the Paradise Campfires in November 2018. Alex left his job at Google Glass and, with zero business experience and no bank account holding a financial safety net, opened Roots & Resolve, a coaching and consulting organization.

In this episode, Alex uncovers how he had the courage to take the plunge into the business world and shares some tips for future business owners on how to face the entrepreneurship challenge. But the crux of this episode comes at the end when Alex describes his struggle with suicidal depression. Join us for a powerful episode that will leave you inspired by the hidden struggles and the power of courage.


72: Generate a Consistent Flow of New Clients with Tom Poland

There’s a science to lead gen, and Tom Poland is the number one scientist is the field. Tom, who named the science Leadsology, has cracked the code to bring a consistent flow of new client inquiries every week. In this episode, not only does Tom pull back the curtain on how to generate consistent leads, he also shares the method that he personally uses to sell his own service, and it’s no less genius than the product he’s selling.

We also dive deep into project management systems, detailing the pros and cons of some of the bigger models out there. Plus, there’s some talk of cats and dogs, Entrepreneurial Boredom Syndrome (EBS) and a little Castaway Beach in Queensland, Australia. Join us for an episode packed with gold, gold and more gold.


Some of my amazing guests include

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What my guests are saying...

meredith_crawford_plainThank you for having me on your show last Wednesday-- and for our conversation afterward. I held off writing this email until our conversation settled, because I wanted to let you know what some of the immediate outcomes are as they may affect your editing. 
Firstly, I am preparing to do a professional 180. Being on your show reminded me how much I love the analytics and number-crunching and rekindled a desire to teach others how to do their own analytics in business (and life). Thus, I will be stepping away from agency/consulting and into business coaching/training-- with a focus on teaching business owners in expense-laden industries and other business coaches how to do their own analytics. The Solerno Media website will be fixed by the time your episode airs, but a new website is under development and I will actively be promoting coaching services as of Monday (tomorrow). 
Thank you again for having me on your show and your time-- and for the reminder of what I truly love. <3

Yoel-Judowitz_plainAmazing Business Breakthrough Podcast interview with Estie Rand yesterday! I was a little nervous in the beginning, but her superfantabulous interview skills, and her steady stream of effortless, effervescent brilliance-bombs set me at ease. Estie is a fountain of business knowledge, experience, and practical know-how! Highly recommended!

mary_rose_maguire_plainEstie truly has a unique approach toward marketing and generously offers helpful tips that can give clarity to others. I was privileged to be a guest on her show and since talking with her, I've re-branded my site and continue to position my services a little differently. Finding the right brand archetype was a huge breakthrough. I have been connecting with others more easily and it also opened up a panel opportunity with a new target market.

Estie also has the ability to quickly pinpoint marketing obstacles. She’s able to see what is keeping someone “stuck” and gives solutions to move forward. Sometimes we can be too close to a situation to see what is needed. Estie has “laser goggles” that enable her to cut through the murkiness of over-analyzing or “tunnel vision” and achieve breakthroughs. When it comes to marketing, Estie is a true diamond!


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