It's time for a breakthrough!

Every business owner has a struggle somewhere, and it's not just the newbies - it's also the veteran business owners. On this show, we're inviting all business owners to open up and share your struggles, starting with what you've overcome in the past, as well as dealing with a current struggle that we can solve together live on air, and let everyone learn from it.

Being an entrepreneur can be isolating and lonely. Everyone looks so perfect with beautiful social media profiles, showcasing perfect lives, perfect businesses. Let's show the real story and help everyone realize that even successful people like you still struggle somewhere.

Don't worry, we are not asking you to share your deep dark secrets, or to make yourself vulnerable if that's not your style- just to become relateable, and be real. There are so many podcasts that focus on the rags to riches successes, putting the speaker on an unattainable pedestal. Here we want to hear about all your success, and we also want to know that you're just like every human, as that gives the rest of humanity hope to get where you are too.

So let's make success relatable, and together have a business breakthrough!


daniel gefen

It was a pleasure being a guest on Estie's podcast. Her questions were to the point and insightful, and her advice was enlightening.

Daniel Gefen, Gefen Media Group

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Now it's showtime! Can't wait to hear your story and have your business breakthrough live on air!


Everyone's got a story. We want to hear yours.

Help make success relatable and join us!