04: Organizing a Creative Agency with Lauren Mann

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My Guest: Lauren Mann

Lauren is one of the most creative designers I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never seen her create the same type of design twice! She has cracked the code on balancing a creative agency while still being efficient, meeting deadlines and having an actual schedule.

In this episode we talk to Lauren about her struggle to create more time for herself. With work taking up most of her time, even with all the delegation and efficiency, she is not making enough time for herself, working nights even though she hoped not to and unsure how to get any more efficient than she already is.


Hey, I’m good enough to charge for my offerings!
How to set steady pricing for creative endeavors that always take different amounts of time
The best efficiencies to create and how
How to hire and not lose money
Doing volunteer design work is really a great marketing technique

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Do volunteer work as you build your portfolio and confidence
Delegate whatever you don’t have to do so you can focus on your strengths

Lauren’s Quote:

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

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Find Lauren at www.laurenmanndesign.com or on Instagram @laurenmanndesign


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