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57: The Real Trick to Work-Life Balance with Meny Hoffman

Most people have the wrong idea of what balance means, especially when it comes to work-life balance. According to Meny Hoffman, CEO of PTEX group and proud husband and father of seven, work-life balance means giving 100% to whatever and whoever needs it at the time, rather than giving splitting your time and energy evenly between the two. Tune in to hear how Meny has managed to give the best and the most to both his family and his business throughout 18 years in business.
In this episode Meny shares also pearls of wisdom on how to deal with competition, hire your first employee and grow your business, plus his struggle of turning down opportunities that he would have given anything for in the early years of his business.

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38: Unorthodox Leadership Transformation with Roger Nierenberg

Most high level business people are very guarded and super planned. That’s one of the reasons why a surprising, creative and immersive experience can be transformative not only for us regular folk- but the leaders of Fortune 100 companies and above. Roger Nierenberg took his love for classical music, and his desire to make it more widely listened to and created an incredible leadership transformation experience for leaders around the world. We also discuss the benefits of the Japanese Kaizen system for business systems and how to scale your small business from stage 2 to 3.

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