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56: Unlocking the Cheapest Facebook Ads with Ben Matteucci

Ben Matteucci has developed a keen sense for relationship selling in an increasingly digital world. Through his company, Zima Marketing, Ben helps his clients, primarily real estate agents, build online campaigns and funnels. But, in three short years, Ben has already figured out the value of building relationships with his clients and helping them really succeed in their business, so that he can succeed in his.

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49: Digital Marketing Strategies with Kendra Ramirez

Feeling confused on how to build and implement your digital marketing strategy? Kendra Ramirez is a seasoned expert in building digital marketing strategies and has been working in digital for over 15 years. In this episode she explains, in full detail, the ins and outs of digital marketing strategy, starting with an assessment of your business all the way through to creating your ad and testing it with analytics.

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24: $20+ Million with LinkedIn Selling, Learn How with Dennis Brown

In this episode Dennis Brown tells us how he built and sold a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company that was turning over $80 million in sales by 2016 using LinkedIn selling. We then move on to discuss the struggle of all successful coaches and consultants of what you do when the business starts to grow beyond you. Do you clone yourself? Do you cut back on clients? Are there other solutions? Actually there are! Listen in to find out.

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