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60: What Bitcoin to Invest In with George Goognin

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin? In this episode, George, founder of his own cryptocurrency called Karma, spills all the beans about cryptocurrency, giving us an honest and practical approach into how and when to invest in cryptocurrency, plus the best uses for it today.
He also shares his struggle of promoting his business in a world where the media is so heavily under the influence of the big and powerful corporate companies.

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18: Own a Business Asset Instead of Buying Yourself a Job With Disruptor Artem Mashkov

Artem discusses with us today the best way to own a business asset as opposed to buying yourself a job so that you can make your money work for you instead of you working for it all day long. He also opens up about his struggle as a nice guy, always wanting to please and help everyone and how that backfired, losing him $92,000 – which turned out to be the best ROI of all of his investments.

Artem Mashkov is the founder of Devtribe, a serial entrepreneur and industry disruptor in retail, hospitality, automotive and business services. He currently owns 12 paging zone Verizon stores with other investments including sports bars in Manhattan, a vegan creperie in Williamsburg and an auto leasing company in South Brooklyn.

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