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41: Building Staff Loyalty with Christian Chasmer

Want your business to be an asset instead of a job? That’s Christian’s specialty. This 26-year-old has already created and sold two 7-figure companies by systemizing leadership and in today’s episode he teaches us how to free ourselves from the “job” shackles that entrepreneurship can sometimes place by building the best, and most loyal, teams who act as if they were us in the field due to the systems put in place.

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28: Find your Brand Persona with Steve Morris

Today we speak with Steve Morris about real design in branding. There are many graphic designers and marketing companies out there, but Steve has a Masters Degree in Graphic Design. We contrast this expertise with what you average designer learns today, and delve deep into high level branding and graphic design strategies. We also discuss the struggle of being an expert who can only earn money one-to-one training people, and how to expand that to create “more of you” in a really novel, win-win-win manner.

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