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37: Magical Business Building Blocks with Dennis Friebe

“The best way to build up your business is while getting paid.” Magician Dennis Friebe (Kardenni) takes us on his journey from HS Magic Shows to featured at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, illustrating how small, profitable steps over many years can launch a high-level career. We also discuss the right time to hire, and how to hire when you only need sporadic assistance and don’t want to pay for regular staff.

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27: Stop Working For Free With Reena Friedman Watts

Reena Friedman Watts is a super connector who can get into any door, but her business journey has been anything but conventional. She has worked every job from being a producer on the Jerry Springer show, to doing court research for Court TV. She is now in her first foray as an independent entrepreneur with her current brand as something of a do-everything freelancer. In this episode we help Reena find her core business concept as well as some top tips not to get taken advantage of, stop working for free and learn how to structure your first independent business.

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