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76: Turn Your Knowledge Into an Online Course with Tom Libelt

Impulsive is the name of the game for Tom Libelt. But, thankfully, those rash decisions, along with some grit and determination has turned Tom into an incredibly successful serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience under his belt, ranging from coffee shop owner to expert in re-marketing ad campaigns.

In this episode, Tom and Estie dive deep into the marketing aspect of online courses, including what to include in your course, how to find the right target for it and how to build your remarketing ad campaign. We also discuss Tom’s real struggle with EBS, the incurable, yet manageable Entrepreneurial Boredom Syndrome and how to keep going when it seems like an endless treadmill of building your business, getting it systemized, getting bored and then starting again.

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75: Master the Email Sales Funnel with Shawn Finder

You need superb sales strategies to close deals by email. But, combine that together with awesome automation and you can close deals with loads of people and make buckets of money. That’s exactly what Shawn Finder did when he created AutoKlose, a tool that not only automates your emails, but also incorporates top-of-the-line sales techniques and emails scripts to literally close deals automatically.

In this episode, Shawn shares the back-end secrets of how his tool actually works, plus some sales techniques and tricks that he personally uses on his own leads and clients. If you do, did or plan to use emails to close deals, this episode is a must-listen. And for those of you who don’t, listen anyway because when it’s this easy, you might want to start now!

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65: Next Level Email Marketing with Rob & Kennedy

Rob & Kennedy are a fun duo who will keep you laughing throughout this episode as they share with you their genius advice on email marketing, as well as their drastic hiring philosophy.

Listen as we hear about their struggles to keep their hair roots in check – as well as their serious business struggle that so many of us can relate to – time and money! And for a cool breakthrough, listen as we craft that perfect pitch for Rob & Kennedy.

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25: The Truth about Email Marketing with Meredith Crawford

Meredith Crawford was living in a trailer with a tarp as the roof when she had the brain-sight to get involved in digital marketing. Fast forward eight years, she completed her MBA in marketing, helped The Venetian and Disney earn millions in their revenue through email marketing and has recently begun her own agency. Meredith teaches us how the larger companies use list segmentation and targeting in email marketing that we can apply in our small businesses. She also shares with us the struggle of not being a salesman, and needing to spend 90% of her time on sales to launch her company, and the tricks she uses to do online marketing instead of direct sales.

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