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66: Master High Ticket Sales with Kayvon Kay

If you feel like it’s harder to sell more expensive services, Kayvon tell us it’s exactly the opposite! Tune into this episode where Kayvon, master of high ticket sales, breaks down everything you need to know to land those deals at the high prices you deserve.

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65: Next Level Email Marketing with Rob & Kennedy

Rob & Kennedy are a fun duo who will keep you laughing throughout this episode as they share with you their genius advice on email marketing, as well as their drastic hiring philosophy.

Listen as we hear about their struggles to keep their hair roots in check – as well as their serious business struggle that so many of us can relate to – time and money! And for a cool breakthrough, listen as we craft that perfect pitch for Rob & Kennedy.

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64: Direct Sales Strategies to Build an Empire with Harry Maziar

If you love quotes, you’re going to love this episode! Harry Maziar, a seasoned sales expert, shares with us how he built up empires not only using sales strategies, but also an awful lot of straight forward common sense.

But this is not just another episode on how to sell. Tune in for an episode peppered with genius quotes, some humorous, some discerning and some that will stick with you as you go about your day.

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