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52: What are Chatbots & Why You Should Care with Chad Oda

In this episode, we enter the cutting-edge world of chatbots. Chad Oda, an expert in chatbots explains how to set up chatbots to engage with your customers so that you don’t have to. From how much they cost, to the different types and the platforms that you can use them on, Chad covers everything you need to know.

He also shares his relatable struggle of how to navigate unchartered waters in this groundbreaking industry, and how to create a framework to assess which opportunities to go after when you have so many potentially amazing offers.

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51: Break Through your Money Ceiling with Dorothy Illson

Dorothy Illson was all set for her dream job as an accountant at PwC, when two weeks after graduation, she called them up and informed them that she would not be coming. Instead, she went to work for a meal subscription company, helping to grow it to multiple six figures. She then opened her own marketing agency, Needle’s Eye Media, at the age of 25!

In this episode, Dorothy gives away all the secrets of how to build and run a successful online funnel for webinars, as well as explaining the ins and outs of retargeting campaigns. She also shares her struggle of combining her podcast- Do Well and Do Good with her agency, Needle’s Eye Media, to create a cohesive and memorable personal brand.

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33: Build the Best Brain Support Team with Arthur Carmazzi

This recording was life changing for me! When Arthur told me that I have a Chaotic Brain, I was initially shocked but have since changed the way I look at myself, my staff, my family and the world. Arthur Carmazzi is one of the world’s top leadership gurus and the founder of DC Psychology, without any psychology degree! In this episode, Arthur reveals the inner workings of the brain and how different types of people process information. It’s a game-changer in how you build your team. Arthur also shares his struggle having been a jet-set large-stage speaker for many years, he’s trying to restructure his business and reduce travel time to spend more time with his family.

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32: Combatting False Marketing with Real Experience with Ron Carucci

Ron Carucci has over 30 years experience as a leadership coach, helping some of the most influential companies solve organizational development challenges. Now Ron faces his own challenge of how to make himself stand out from the myriads of other leadership coaches out there, who claim to be the exact same thing, but lack the experience and skills that Ron has. In this episode we discuss how to solve that challenge and how to market yourself to the right clients. We also discuss some of the best ways to transition from being an employee, to going out on your own, and how to pick up the skills, knowledge, network and clients that every entrepreneur needs to be successful.

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09: The Latest in Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy with Digital Marketer Mordecai Holtz

Mordecai Holtz is the co-founder and chief digital strategist at Blue Thread Marketing, a boutique agency based in Israel that serves clients across 8 countries, ranging from startups to the City of Jerusalem. Mordecai is also a key opinion leader for Huawei, and a blogger with contributions in Fast Company, Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, and Social Media World. He’s been quoted in Forbes, CMO, Inc. and was interviewed by Dukascopy TV about digital marketing.

He not only walks the walk, but talks the talk at various conferences including Socialbakers Prague 2018, IMEX 2017, TBEX Jerusalem 2017. He is an adviser to Blockchain Israel and has mentored several Jerusalem-based startups.
In this episode we hear how Mordecai runs all social media for a city on his own, on multiple platforms, utilizing the latest in social media geolocation and influencer marketing as well as his current struggle of how to make a good thing even better.

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