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72: Generate a Consistent Flow of New Clients with Tom Poland

There’s a science to lead gen, and Tom Poland is the number one scientist is the field. Tom, who named the science Leadsology, has cracked the code to bring a consistent flow of new client inquiries every week. In this episode, not only does Tom pull back the curtain on how to generate consistent leads, he also shares the method that he personally uses to sell his own service, and it’s no less genius than the product he’s selling.

We also dive deep into project management systems, detailing the pros and cons of some of the bigger models out there. Plus, there’s some talk of cats and dogs, Entrepreneurial Boredom Syndrome (EBS) and a little Castaway Beach in Queensland, Australia. Join us for an episode packed with gold, gold and more gold.

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71: Build Your Legacy with Carl Gould

Carl Gould is the coach of coaches and the mentor of mentors. Having co-authored a book with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard and mentored CEOs of some of the biggest companies out there including helping out Walmart, IBM and the US army, Carl is definitely not just another pretty face.

In this episode, Carl, in his entertaining style, details the ups and downs of his incredible journey. He also shares with us some pearls of wisdom including how to learn from other industries, the benefits of being a generalist and the best way to craft a competitive niche for your business. Join us for a fun episode packed with stories, wisdom and business value.

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70: Anyone Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur With Tony Whatley

Ever thought becoming a millionaire is just childs’ play? For Tony Whatley, author of bestselling book, SideHustle Millionaire it was exactly that! Tony grew up playing with cars, but when he took his love for cars online in the form of an online community, it grew to become the largest in the industry with 160,000 registered members and over 100,000 unique visitors per day.

In this episode, Tony, who emits a 365 driven attitude and a strong passion for helping others succeed, uncovers some of the common mistakes that prevent people from actualizing their dreams and monetizing their passions. We also discuss his struggle of being too focused on quality, and an innovative solution to help get his dream of an online course off the ground, and on the road to perfection.

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69: ABCs of Outsourcing Staff with Aaron Klein

You can find an Indian or Phillipino assistant online for a fraction of the price of a local secretary. But, how do you know if they are reliable? Will the effort involved in training them be worth the financial saving?

In this episode, Aaron Klein, CEO of Work Assisted, an outsourcing company, explains the ABCs of outsourcing from how to find the right people and communicate expectations clearly, to managing your passwords and online security. Whether you are a solopreneur working from your bed, or a manager of a company with multiple employees, this episode will have something of value for you.

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68: Ghost Blogging: The Good, The Bad, and The Foolish with Dayne Shuda (Part 1)

So you’ve got your website up and now it’s time to bring in the traffic. Is blogging the best way to go? Will all those keywords really help your site to rank on Google?

In this episode, Dayne Shuda, owner of Ghost Blog Writers, opens up the big black SEO box, explaining all you need to know, including what short-tail and long-tail keywords are, how to do organic SEO and when it’s worth it to invest in a blog for your website. He also shares his struggle of finding loyal writers for his business, as well as some of his successful business processes such as his intake form for filtering applicants.

Join us for an episode packed with value!

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