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57: The Real Trick to Work-Life Balance with Meny Hoffman

Most people have the wrong idea of what balance means, especially when it comes to work-life balance. According to Meny Hoffman, CEO of PTEX group and proud husband and father of seven, work-life balance means giving 100% to whatever and whoever needs it at the time, rather than giving splitting your time and energy evenly between the two. Tune in to hear how Meny has managed to give the best and the most to both his family and his business throughout 18 years in business.
In this episode Meny shares also pearls of wisdom on how to deal with competition, hire your first employee and grow your business, plus his struggle of turning down opportunities that he would have given anything for in the early years of his business.

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56: Unlocking the Cheapest Facebook Ads with Ben Matteucci

Ben Matteucci has developed a keen sense for relationship selling in an increasingly digital world. Through his company, Zima Marketing, Ben helps his clients, primarily real estate agents, build online campaigns and funnels. But, in three short years, Ben has already figured out the value of building relationships with his clients and helping them really succeed in their business, so that he can succeed in his.

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55: Creating a Retail Experience with Shany Kaufman

Your retail location is your biggest advertisement. If you don’t think about your brand when you design your brick and mortar, your customers are going to notice.

When Shany Kaufman was asked to build out a branding project for a cafe, she knew that their interior design was out of sync with the branding she had created, so she went out and drew up how she thought it should look. After that cafe became a huge success, Shany went out with her natural talent and flair to create one incredibly successful project after another. Her trick was infusing brand in space to create retail locations that matched with their brand.

In this episode, Shany shares some top tips that you need to know when designing your brick and mortar store. She also shares her struggle of being the sole creative brain in her company and the systems she came up with to allow her to scale despite her limited bandwidth.

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54: Offline Marketing Still Works (Better!) with Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson has mastered the art of offline marketing in 2019, an art that has been almost forgotten, but is still highly successful! In this episode, Brian gives us a step-by-step run-through of how to create a direct mailing campaign, covering everything from the size of the envelope to the content of the letter.
He also shares his journey where he went from working in corporate sales for Coca-Cola USA and Johnson & Johnson, to doing cold sales for a brand new and unknown start-up that sold on-hold messages to banks and credit unions. Plus, Brian shares his struggle of trying to sell on-hold messages to business owners who are not aware that their customers are ever put on hold. Tune in for an episode packed with intriguing stories and incredible value!

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53: Contracts and Knowledge-base Building with Jake Sussman

Jake Sussman studied law in Harvard and was all set for his career as a lawyer in one of the big law firms when he discovered that he could use artificial intelligence to solve one of the biggest pain points for lawyers, and make a lot of money at the same time. This revelation lead to his start-up, Evisort, a company that uses artificial intelligence to extract key data and legal terms from contracts.

In this episode, Jake takes us on a guided tour of business contracts including how and when to set them up, the key business and legal terms and the importance of filing and storing your contracts. He also shares his struggle of bringing his team from five employees to thirty in the past year, and the solutions he came up with to improve and speed up the onboarding process.

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