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64: Direct Sales Strategies to Build an Empire with Harry Maziar

If you love quotes, you’re going to love this episode! Harry Maziar, a seasoned sales expert, shares with us how he built up empires not only using sales strategies, but also an awful lot of straight forward common sense.

But this is not just another episode on how to sell. Tune in for an episode peppered with genius quotes, some humorous, some discerning and some that will stick with you as you go about your day.

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63: The Struggles Women Face in Business with Chanie Ehrentrau

Why do men have no issue asking for a promotion while women will think it through a million times? Why are women so hard often so hard on themselves? What causes so many women to lack confidence?

In this episode, Chanie Ehrentrau throws out all the questions and issues that women face in business today. Tune in for some top tips on how to politely, yet confidently decline requests, build yourself up after taking a break in your career and find the opportunities that will really help you get to the place you want to be.

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62: Drop Shipping Unboxed with Vova Tess

Find a cheap product on Ali Express, find some awesome looking images, stick the product up for sale on Amazon for 15X the price and you’ve got an awesome business running, or have you?

In this episode, Vova Tess and Estie Rand thrash out the business of drop shipping, the meaning of building a brand and the purpose of loyalty and providing high value to your clients. Is drop shipping a legit and moral way to make money in 2019 or is it not much more than a sophisticated scam? Tune in to find out!

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61: The Business of Following Your Gut with Tim Alison

Almost every small business owner has their version of the story. The friend, colleague, relative or coach who was convinced that their business was a non-starter. Yet, time and again these naysayers are proven wrong by those who have the confidence and determination to build their business as they knew is right.

In this episode, Tim Alison, host of Screw the Naysayers Podcast, shares his powerful story of leaving his six-figure income to start his own company as well as some top tips on how to build up the confidence to keep going when everyone else thinks you are crazy.

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60: What Bitcoin to Invest In with George Goognin

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin? In this episode, George, founder of his own cryptocurrency called Karma, spills all the beans about cryptocurrency, giving us an honest and practical approach into how and when to invest in cryptocurrency, plus the best uses for it today.
He also shares his struggle of promoting his business in a world where the media is so heavily under the influence of the big and powerful corporate companies.

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