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55: Creating a Retail Experience with Shany Kaufman

Your retail location is your biggest advertisement. If you don’t think about your brand when you design your brick and mortar, your customers are going to notice.

When Shany Kaufman was asked to build out a branding project for a cafe, she knew that their interior design was out of sync with the branding she had created, so she went out and drew up how she thought it should look. After that cafe became a huge success, Shany went out with her natural talent and flair to create one incredibly successful project after another. Her trick was infusing brand in space to create retail locations that matched with their brand.

In this episode, Shany shares some top tips that you need to know when designing your brick and mortar store. She also shares her struggle of being the sole creative brain in her company and the systems she came up with to allow her to scale despite her limited bandwidth.

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29: Street Smarts make Millions with Podiatrist Tyson Franklin

From stolen merchandise to podiatry franchise, Tyson takes on a ride that is as informative as it is compelling. In this episode you get to listen to a true business genius, who can turn anything into profitable enterprise. We hear about Tyson’s incredible business journey starting when he was just 12 and working as a “fence” in Elementary School to building his own Podiatry empire across Australia, and then cutting it down to one location to be even more profitable. The wisdom in this episode will give you immediate tangible business growth, as well as make you laugh.

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28: Find your Brand Persona with Steve Morris

Today we speak with Steve Morris about real design in branding. There are many graphic designers and marketing companies out there, but Steve has a Masters Degree in Graphic Design. We contrast this expertise with what you average designer learns today, and delve deep into high level branding and graphic design strategies. We also discuss the struggle of being an expert who can only earn money one-to-one training people, and how to expand that to create “more of you” in a really novel, win-win-win manner.

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