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62: Drop Shipping Unboxed with Vova Tess

Find a cheap product on Ali Express, find some awesome looking images, stick the product up for sale on Amazon for 15X the price and you’ve got an awesome business running, or have you?

In this episode, Vova Tess and Estie Rand thrash out the business of drop shipping, the meaning of building a brand and the purpose of loyalty and providing high value to your clients. Is drop shipping a legit and moral way to make money in 2019 or is it not much more than a sophisticated scam? Tune in to find out!

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34: Become a Top-Ranked Amazon Seller with Joel Wolh

Joel Wolh is not only a top ranked Amazon seller, but he has hacked the code to help anyone get top ranking on Amazon, which today is almost a guarantee of success for any product-based business. In this episode, we pull back the curtain to see the inner workings of the Amazon platform, how it has changed over the years and how someone today can leverage Amazon ads to build and grow a successful e-commerce business. We also talk about the struggle that many entrepreneurial minds face of short attention spans and constant growth seeking. Tune in to hear what happens when you grow too far, too fast and how to grow your business fast without using up your limited bandwidth.

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