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Free Introductory Session!

Marketing for Non-Marketers (Live Webinar, December 2018)

Do it yourself marketing for small business owners and solopreneurs

Can you sell if you're not the "sales-y" type?
Is there a simple way to choose the right marketing help?
Can social media really be used to close business deals?

Yes, yes and yes!!!

And I'm going to show you all 3 in this introductory session.

After this class you'll be able to:

  • Weed out the marketing charlatans who take your money and don't help you earn any
  • Bring more of your marketing in-house instead of having to outsource it all the time, even doing it yourself!
  • Understand how to use various social media platforms for business and what you can expect to gain in hard numbers
  • How to sell your services/product even if you're not the "sales-y" type
  • The methods needed to hire the right marketing help to get maximum RIO 


It's a known fact that most of the money invested by SMB's in "marketing" is not used optimally. Join us as we show you why, and how to fix it by providing a framework that will allow you to do your own marketing successfully and more effectively guide the various marketers and designers you hire. We'll also answer questions like "How active do you need to be on social media to generate real business and what are the best platforms to use today?" and "Is there a way to successfully do sales if I'm not the sales-y type?"


Ready to spend less and earn more in your marketing?


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Available Now!

Marketing for Marketers (5 Session Course)



Marketing for Marketers is geared to help front-line marketers such as graphic designers, web designers, copywriters and the like, learn the marketing strategy that drives their work so they can:

  1. build confidence in the work they do
  2. advise clients in marketing the way they seem to expect them to
  3. upgrade the professionalism of their services
  4. raise their rates accordingly



137 promotional strategies to get

noticed by your ideal customer, on any budget.