26: How to Charge What You’re Worth with Robb Holman

Robb Holman is a super inspirational serial entrepreneur. After a health scare and miraculous recovery in his senior year of college, Robb went on to catch the entrepreneurial bug and started multiple companies, his latest one being Rob Holman International. In this episode we discuss how to have the confidence to charge what you’re worth and make sure to collect money that is owed to you. We also discuss the struggle of trying to get your creative juices flowing when they’re just not coming and you’ve got a deadline to meet.

17: The Best Way To Hire The Best Secretary With Recruiter Estee Cohen

Estee Cohen is the owner of California Job Shop, a recruiting firm that specializes in staffing small and medium sized businesses and non-profits in California. After earning her Master’s in Educational Administration and teaching for 7 years, Estee had an opportunity to staff her husband’s new business with its first 5 employees. After working for her husband for a few years to help launch his thriving wholesale business, she was hired as a contract recruiter for several firms and felt that she had found her calling in staffing. Estee realized that no recruiting firm was catering to the tight budgets and alacrity which small businesses need to grow their workforce. She created an inexpensive, “win-win” model (in which both the employee and employer win) and opened her recruiting firm in 2015. It was an overnight hit and she had single-handedly closed over 500 positions by the end of 2016. Estee has a 4 kids and lives in Los Angeles. She is also a proponent of science education and is active in non-profits which support couples struggling with infertility.

Estee Cohen gives us the wisdom to hire the low level positions in your company – from the secretary to the truck driver, the delivery person and the medical assistants. These unsung heroes are critical to your business success and Estee gives us her best tips and tools to get the right people in, as well as discussing her struggle with managing and training staff with an innovative shortcut solution