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112: Viral LinkedIn Video With Jonathan Palmar (Part 2)

Jonathan has gained incredible traction on LinkedIn. In less than one year Jonathan went from zero followers to close to 90,000. In this episode Jonathan shares with us his journey starting out as a professional wrestler moving onto a forensic accountant and cracks the LinkedIn code for you so that you can do the same.

My Guest: Jonathan Palmar

Jonathan’s goal is to help you turn connections into clients and followers into loyal fans. Jonathan can transform you into a video rock star that can captivate an audience, with an electrifying message.

Pivotal Moments

·       To be an intrepreneur you need to be self aware of yourself. Just because you’re confident it doesn’t mean you are a leader.

·       Jonathan was working as a forensic accountant. His father wanted to rebrand the forensic accounting business and that was when he discovered Shay Rowbottom.

·       He started seeing the videos Shay was creating, and subconsciously he knew there was something about what she was doing that was calling him. But on the outside he was helping his dad create video content.

·       Shay then coached Jonathan, and within 2 months Shay actually hired Jonathan.

·       Jonathan was a professional wrestler. He was on TV doing the whole wrestling thing.

·       The reason he became a wrestler was because when he was young, he was bullied a lot, and he looked up to wrestlers. When he was 18 he joined wrestler school and after 2 months he was already on TV.

·       Jonathan went from zero followers to close to 90,000 followers in less than a year.

·       Jonathan makes videos for 5 year olds. Not for business professionals.

·       This is because there is so much going on constantly in his videos; he is trying to keep your attention for at least 2 mins at a time.

·       Jonathan spends 12-15 hrs editing a 2 min video.

·       Jonathan’s text never matches his videos. This is done purposely.


You have to add new features to your videos. You need to give value. Don’t preach. Give a CTA. You need to make it easy for your audience to respond to you.

Practical tips to make your post have more engagement:

Higher level, people feel like the content needs to be so valuable that the people come out of this with their lives changed. But the reality is it is not the most effective. If you want to give advice it needs to be something people can do right in the moment.

When it comes to the actual copy and headline, the most effective is giving away secrets, because you need to build trust with your audience. So you want to trust them first so you share a secret with your audience first.

The whole reason why Jonathan creates his videos is because he wants people to click on his profile, because it is his advert.

Current Business Struggle

When you are doing something that you are very passionate about, it is very hard to then put your phone down close your computer and disconnect. Because you love what you do and it feels like such a blessing, and you realize it can’t last forever. So if you are not leveraging and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, then that is you not showing gratitude for the blessing you have received. But you will also regret it five years down the line when you are back in your cubicle. Jonathan has a lot of fear that he will lose it and he needs to treat it with the highest degree of respect it while he has it. So his struggle is to be able to enjoy the journey instead of ploughing through everything.


Once you have created a master skill, you can never lose it you can only have the opportunity to re-apply it. There can be a time in your life that you can re-apply it in a different way.

There are 6 human needs that all humans need, so when we find something that fits one of our needs we will probably do it again, if we find something that fits 2 of our needs it becomes a habit, when we find something that fits 3 or more it becomes an addiction.

The 6 needs: certainty, variety, love and connection, significance, growth and contribution. So it is no wonder Jonathan has an addiction.


Do to others the same way you would want people to do to you. 

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