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107: Viral Instagram Success With Dain Walker (Part 2)

Are you wondering if you can still maximize Instagram organically, without paid ads, without giveaways or influencers? Dain Walker has cracked the code for himself and countless clients and in today’s episode he breaks it all down, pulls back the curtain and gives you the secrets to viral Instagram growth. You don’t want to miss it.

My Guest: Dain Walker

Dain Walker is a business and branding strategist, based out of Australia. He has a global presence on social media and is aggressively growing his personal brand by 10,000+ every month. Using his bold honesty Dain has been able to penetrate people’s minds, evolve the market, and challenge standard business ideas when it comes to generating clients and customers. Mixing elements of psychology, design, marketing, and branding his methods when it comes to business have been stated as loud, unorthodox, and disruptive. He went from being in crippling debt to running a team of eight people that is projected to grow to over 10 within the next six months.

He’s bold, loud, and outlandish, and his content can’t be scrolled past ‘welcome Dain Walker.’ 

 Pivotal moments

·       It all began with Dain working for a Gym. He learnt that the fastest ways to get sales was by posting videos on social media that caught people’s attention.

·       Every other franchise in the same chain would just put out simple ads like ‘Come buy our membership’. All Dain was doing was posting content that was funny and entertaining. Some of his videos had 400,000 views.

·       Before posting his videos he was selling 30 memberships a month, and after his videos he was selling close to 300 memberships a month.

·       He then moved to another city and was working in retail however Dain felt he was wasting his talent. He started thinking what he could do.

·       He got a real inspiration after attending a Garry V event.

·       He subscribed to software and started his business. He wanted to create content but didn’t know what.


When using the Instagram platform, you need to know that content is not the key. Branding is the key. If you truly want to succeed on Instagram you have to think about Instagram as baking a cake. This is because if you miss out any ingredients, or you have too many of one ingredient, your cake will not turn out as good. You need to line up all your ingredients and follow a process. You need to remember it takes time to bake a cake. You can’t just pop it into the microwave.

In order to succeed Dain shares many tips. Here are a few:

·       Keep to one way of posting, either video, or carousel, and then people know what to expect from you

·       Decide what your brand is.

·       The brand isn’t only the colors and logo, it’s the feeling people get when they consume the content.

·       Identify similar pages to yourself and look through their comments. Then reach out to the people who give a genuine comment and DM them a sincere compliment. This will start a conversation.

·       Design your content in a way that will get people to share it and save it.

Current Struggle

Currently, Dain has a team of 8 people. They build websites, logo’s, brand strategies and marketing strategies. Dain has been turning down 50% of his leads because he doesn’t have the capacity to take on more projects. The challenge is hiring the right people, and time management. Currently, he is struggling to stay loyal to his Instagram followers, his team and his fiance and new baby all at once.

Business Breakthrough

Estie advises what gets you from A-B will not get you from B-C. People think that to get to the next level, they just need to continue doing what they have been doing but just a little bit more. However, what they really have to do next is fundamentally different to what you are doing now.

B-C is all operational. Can I replace me? Can I get my business to be working so well, that everything is working like clockwork?


“Business is a marketing plan that works”

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”

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