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47: Scaling a Unique Methodology with Nutritionist Tanya Rosen (Part 1)

The hardest thing for many successful creative entrepreneurs who built businesses on their own talents/methodologies is how to scale. This is especially true when part of how you work is your own intuition and flexibility- but Tanya has cracked the code with 10 branches across the tri-state area and today she shares with us how we can do it too.

As a bonus, Tanya gives some great tips on how us “chair glued” entrepreneurs can stay healthy while leading a (very) sedentary lifestyle.



My Guest: Tanya Rosen

Tanya Rosen is the founder and owner of Nutrition by Tanya which has ten branches across the Tri-State area and a newly opened international branch in Jerusalem. Tanya holds a Master’s degree from Brooklyn College, as well as many speciality certificates such as pre- and post-natal fitness, nutrition and sports nutrition. She also has certification and experience working with special populations such as children, senior citizens and athletes.

Tanya has extensive knowledge and experience in working with complex medical conditions and eating disorders. As a trainer and group class instructor, Tanya has certifications in Kickboxing, Pilates, Boot Camp, and Step. With the motto that no two classes should ever be the same, Tanya is always bringing new routines and moves to her popular classes. Tanya also writes for national newspapers and magazines, as well as working on her future book. On a personal level, Tanya understands the struggle as she herself lost 40 pounds fourteen years ago and works hard to keep it off.


Pivotal Moments:

Thinking she would be a lawyer, Tanya got her bachelors and began applying to law schools.
Found herself very overweight and unhealthy so started working out and eating healthy foods.
Became enthused by the health and fitness world and switched career tracks, focusing initially on the fitness aspects.
Started giving fitness classes to friends and family and then began doing local group training classes.
Used her friend’s basement as a location for her classes, but opened her first store-front gym after her friend’s husband complained about the noise.
Opened a second branch, but ultimately closed both branches after they failed to generate real profit.
Switched emphasis from fitness to nutrition, spending the next 10 years as a local nutrition counselor.
Opened her first Nutrition By Tanya branch in Borough Park in 2014, beginning her boom from low-key operations to explosive growth.
Opened more branches across the Tri-State area every few months, growing her business insanely fast to its current state of 10 national branches and a brand new international branch in Jerusalem.


Resources and Links:

Part 2 of this episode, where you can learn how to scale a unique methodology plus some totally new and out-of the box tips for chair-sitters who want to keep fit and healthy, will be live this Thursday, January 30th 2019. 

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