132: Successful Business Partnerships With Elizabeth Dodson (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to success when it comes to partnerships? In this episode Elizabeth shares with us what you need to know so that your business can run smoothly when dealing with a partner in the business.

My Guest: Elizabeth Dodson

Elizabeth Dodson started her career in technology after securing an MBA from Loyola University of Maryland back in the early nineties. She climbed the career ladder at an early[1]stage Start-Up in the commercial construction technology industry to Director of Business Development and demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar sales growth while providing award-winning sales leadership. After a personal challenge managing her home, Elizabeth decided to build the very solution she needed to save money, save time, and reduce her stress. Now she is the Co-Founder of HomeZada, an online and mobile home management portal that helps homeowners manage their homes to save time and money and reduce stress. Specifically, HomeZada educates homeowners in the areas of home management, inventory, maintenance, remodeling projects, and finances. Elizabeth also offers her experience as an active mentor in programs offered by Stevenson and Loyola Universities and American Corporate Partners


To start a tech company:

·       Design the platform before building it.

·       Then took the framework and created user profiles.

·       You can then understand how someone will be using it.

·       Then look at it from a long term perspective.

·       This enables you to build a platform that would be able to grow.


Life begins outside your comfort zone

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