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63: The Struggles Women Face in Business with Chanie Ehrentrau (Part 1)

Why do men have no issue asking for a promotion while women will think it through a million times? Why are women so hard often so hard on themselves? What causes so many women to lack confidence?

In this episode, Chanie Ehrentrau throws out all the questions and issues that women face in business today. Tune in for some top tips on how to politely, yet confidently decline requests, build yourself up after taking a break in your career and find the opportunities that will really help you get to the place you want to be.


My Guest: Chanie Ehrentrau

Chanie Ehrentreu is the founder and principal designer of Fine & Pink, an interior design company named after her amazingly chic nanas Isabella Fine and Shirley Pink.

Known for her fearless mix of colors and patterns, Chanie has helped numerous clients adopt a more vibrant and personalized approach to design.

Passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs, Chanie recently launched a podcast called Boss Maidel, where she explores the unique narratives of working moms.


Episode Highlights:


[2:09] A lot of people would constantly say, as women, why are we not strong enough? Why are we not confident enough? Why are we not standing in our own space? Men have no problem asking for a raise or promotion? Why are women so cautious? Why are we so hard on ourselves?


[10:50] So I kind of did the full-time mommy thing for a good couple years. And then I thought, excuse me for saying this, I’m going to lose my mind. I can’t do this anymore.


[16:06] We are often told when you start out, you really have to work your way to the top and take on whatever you can. But what I wish someone would have told me is, don’t take a project if something in your gut is telling you: this is off, or I can’t make this person happy, or I’m setting myself up for failure


[31:04] I hear this voice, say, Honey, and I turn around, and there’s this woman who I don’t know. And she’s like, Hi, you don’t know me, but you helped me with my kitchen.
[40:07] Chanie: I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it. I don’t want to be disrespectful of your time. Let’s reschedule. What time works best for you.
Estie: I like that. This is a really good script. I’m going to use this.


[46:04] Every social media platform, the way I teach, it is a party. So when you come to the party, you got to get dressed for the party, and you got to talk the way people do at that party, and you got to follow the norms.The Instagram party is actually not the podcast party. Podcasts are their own party.


Think good and it will be good.


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Part 2 of this episode, where you can hear more of Chanie’s awesome advice for women in business, go to

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