131: Self Publishing Clarity With Vikrant Shaurya (Part 2)

Many of us know how to get Amazon best seller, Vikrant pulls back the curtain on how to become a Wall Street Best seller. Join us today as Vikrant shares with us incredible hacks on how to publish your book with profit. 

My Guest: Vikrant Shaurya

Vikrant Is the CEO and founder of Bestsellingbook.com and also a sought after book launch manager internationally recognized digital publishing expert and the author of 2 number one best seller Power and How to write a best seller.

Pivotal Moments

·       An ISB Number is a unique ID number of your book.

·       10 Years ago, he dropped out of college and started his first company, and made loads of mistake and within 6 months had to close the company.

·       His company was a platform for investors to meet up with entrepreneurs.

·       However due to mistakes this fell through.

·       He had no money and he searched online. And discovered self publishing.

·       However English was not his first language. But he couldn’t let this stop him.

·       HE put himself out for 21 days and wrote a book. He made $27 the first month.

·       He then published a second book in 3 days. Did some marketing and made over $400 that month.

·       People heard about his book and reached out to him. He helped them out for free, but when lots of people began reaching out to him, he began to charge a coaching fee.

·       Over the years he built himself up and eventually launched dozens of courses and e books on how to write and publish books.


7 Pillars to write and publish a successful selling book:

1.     Purpose: Why are you writing a book?

2.      Position: Positioning in the market. Why your book is different?

3.     Create an outline of the entire book.

4.     Package: Design

5.     Publish phase: Ingramspark is the worlds’ largest book distribution site.

6.     Promote: Podcasts are the best place to promote book.

7.     Profit


Master your time, master your life.

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