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56: Unlocking the Cheapest Facebooks Ads with Ben Matteucci (Part 1)

Ben Matteucci has developed a keen sense for relationship selling in an increasingly digital world. Through his company, Zima Marketing, Ben helps his clients, primarily real estate agents, build online campaigns and funnels. But, in three short years, Ben has already figured out the value of building relationships with his clients and helping them really succeed in their business, so that he can succeed in his.




My Guest: Ben Matteucci

Ben Matteucci started his career at age 18 doing door to door sales. He is now the co-owner of Zima, which he founded three and a half years ago. Ben is currently taking care of 68 active clients, of which 40 are real estate agents, and is managing over $1 million dollars in ad spend. He has worked with Seattle’s and some of the country’s biggest brands doing PPC advertising and video production.


Pivotal Moments:

While in college, spent his summer vacation going door to door selling pest control for a company called Aptive.
Was very successful and continued with door to door sales once he had finished college.
Was hit by a car as a pedestrian, leaving him with various injuries that prevented him from walking door to door.
Teamed up with business partner and went into e-commerce.
Opened up ZIMA Marketing, a company that provides all digital marketing services.
Built up his business over three and a half years, to the point he is at today, where he has 68 active clients and has managed over $1 million in ad spending.


Resources & Links:

Part 2 of this episode, where you can learn everything you need to know about relationship selling, plus Ben’s struggle and breakthrough, will be live this Thursday 4th April at

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