135: Price Anchoring with Sean Doyle (Part 1)

When implementing price anchoring, most people are used to counting from 1 to 3. However this is the biggest mistake. The idea of anchoring is to anchor on the big number, so you need to present the big number first.

My Guest: Sean Doyle

Sean M. Doyle is principal at FitzMartin Inc, a leading consultancy focused on sales marketing and management, sales and marketing technology services, and revenue operations. Sean and his team at FitzMartin are focused on long term value creation through a sales-first, scientific approach to driving revenue. Over a 25+ year career and more than 5,000 client engagements, Sean has amassed unmatched expertise in helping B2B companies sell more to their most profitable customers. Sean’s latest book, Shift, explores 19 practical ideas, grounded in the science of behavioural change, that can transform a business’s marketing efforts and, by natural extension, its profitability.

Pivotal Moments

·       Sean began doing graphic design 30 years ago.

·       Awareness is not marketing. Marketing considers the entire journey from being unaware that something exists all the way through to you have to use them.

·       The difference between early stages of marketing to when trying to scale 50 people plus.

·       When businesses grow they begin to see that sales and marketing is a lever that they can pull that they don’t understand how to pull.

·       Helping relationships

·       Price Anchoring

·       Authenticity


If something doesnt get sold it doesnt matter.

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Part 2 of this episode where you hear more go to estierand.com/135-2

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