129: Launch a profitable online course with Abe Crystal (Part 2)

Many people fail when launching their online courses the main point people fail on is you can build the course but it doesn’t mean people will come. In this episode Abe lets us in on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to launching an online program.

My Guest: Abe Crystal

Abe is not just the Co founder and CEO of Ruzuku, an easy to use online course platform for entrepreneur’s, author’s, coaches and small businesses. Ruzuku has now hosted over 75,000 courses serving over half a million students around the world. Abe specializes in learning design in human design and research and has a PhD in human computer interaction. He is a professor in the school of education and teaches seminars on education innovation. 

Pivotal Moments

·       Abe was always interested in building things that people could actually use.

·       He became a consultant but it lacked on the sense of focus. He always has an edge to build a product that people would use.

·       So it lead him to helping people create online programs and courses.

·       They launched Ruzuku in 2012.

·       Abe is bringing out a book which in short advises you to think about how people will discover you and feel comfortable buying your course.


Before launching an online program make sure you do your research first and try it out on humans before putting it out there. When trying to work out what platform to use, Abe advises you rather than trying to compare all the platforms that are available. Think about what learning experience you want to create for your participants and focus on mapping that out, and then identify the tools you need to make that experience happen.

There are 3 reasons online courses don’t work:

1.     They build it without a plan.

2.     Even if you do make sales you won’t be successful in the end

3.     Motivation

Current Business Struggle:

Abe has a new product but wants more ideas on how to promote it.


Always have a strong point of view

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