139: Human Design With Miranda Mitchell (Part 1)

In today’s episode, Miranda shares with us some of the deeper and more esoteric concepts of human design and how you can leverage your natural abilities for your success.

My Guest: Miranda Mitchell

Miranda is an experienced Human Design & Energetic Alignment Coach and a ICF Certified Mastery Level Coach who helps leaders in their industry energetically align (true self) so that they create more impact with sustainability and ease. Her YOUnique Energetic Blueprint shows Clients what is holding them back from stepping into their power in a bold and confident way. Miranda has vast experience in the physical and subtle bodies from earning a BA, in Sports and Health Sciences with a Concentration in Exercise Science, working as a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer for 20+ years, teaching pranayama and meditation for 8+ years and running her own coaching business. Miranda has helped a large amount of leaders and their teams overcome their energetic blocks through the awareness of their unique Human Design; resulting in a new found trust in expansion and belief in one’s self while connecting and collaborating with others for the greater good.

Pivotal Moments

·       The one thing that drew Miranda to Human design drew was a combination and collaboration of multi cultural wisdom.

·       It is a tool for self awareness and self development, and then you can bring it into your business.

·       You can go as deep as grandparents into human designs.

·       Beginning with type;

There are 5 types:

·       Generator. Generators make up 70% of society. Manifestating generators, they are inspired by their work.

·       Projector. Projectors makes up 20% of society, they are usually the most misunderstood, tired and feel bitter.

·       Manifestor. Makes up 9% of society, they can initiate and it will happen.

·       Reflector. Makes up 1% of society. They have every single center is white. They take in energy from everything around them and mirror it.


As soon as you start to walk on the path, the path appears

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