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78: Hacking Marketing Video Creation with Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson has been doing video to promote businesses since before most people knew what a Camcorder was. In this episode, Geoff shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in video creation including how to get the best content and set-up for your video, the best video editing software, promoting your video and what video sharing platform to use. Join us for an episode packed with value, value and more value.
And just for the records, Geoff’s in Australia so he recorded this episode at [5:00] AM!


My Guest: Geoff Anderson

Geoff Anderson has owned and operated Sonic Sight, a video production facility in Sydney, Australia, since 1993. He’s worked on productions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and the US, playing the role of video producer, cameraman, editor, director and scriptwriter.

Geoff’s background is in science, majoring in Bio-Chemistry and Pure Mathematics, but when he realized that science was not necessarily his thing, he headed overseas and spent two winters skiing in France. During that time, he was paid to water ski, windsurf, scuba dive, pour beers, drink beers, drive around, grow watermelons and occasionally electrocute himself.


Episode Highlights:

[04:04]: The camera we used to carry around had a box that was a recording deck, which would be connected with, like an umbilical cord to the actual camera. So it was a two-person shoot.

[06:25]: I think it all comes down to the individual definition of what success is. So for other people, they may want the challenge and the excitement of building a big global business. For me, my priorities were my relationships, my children. I want to actually enjoy the ride.

[21:00]: The marketing I do now is, I actually look at a school that I’m interested in, I go on LinkedIn and find out who is the marketing manager there or the consultant, and I ring that person. Doing all the social media marketing and stuff is great, and it is important. But really, when I want to get to a particular client, I pick up the phone and I ring them.

[29:43]: YouTube is much better for a search result, [but] Vimeo is a cleaner look for your videos. So it’s good for embedding on your website or sharing it with other people. And you’ve got a bit more control these days with Vimeo than YouTube because YouTube are now making you watch other videos of the end of it, whereas on Vimeo, you can direct people a little bit more what you want them to do with it.

[36:19]: A case study is a great video because you can have your customer talking about the experience they had with you. They can take the audience on the journey they’ve gone on, from where they had a problem that you can relate to, the solution was provided by your company, whether that was a product or service that they need. And now their businesses in this situation which they want to get to as well. And then they talk about how they are feeling now as a result, that’s a four-step sort of process I take my clients on when we interview them about case studies.

[45:38]: I’m an iMac I use Final Cut Pro, but Adobe Premiere Pro on a PC and Mac is very good for editing. For screen capture, we use Screen Flow.


Just do it.

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