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44: Do-It-Yourself Facebook Ads with Alex Fedotoff (Part 1)

Alex Fedotoff on Business Breakthrough Podcast - Estie Rand

Alex Fedotoff blew my mind with his knowledge and understanding of Facebook Ads, and you will be blown too. Tune in to hear some of the top secrets on how to set up your Facebook Ads Campaign for best results and lowest cost per click.

In this section of the episode, Alex shares his journey from his unfinished Masters in Economics, to world-class Facebook Ads strategist. But before we even get to his story, Alex already shares some incredible pearls of wisdom. If you plan to spend even one dollar on Facebook Ads, you have got to listen to this episode first!


My Guest: Alex Fedotoff

Alex Fedotoff is one of the leading Facebook advertising strategists for e-commerce brands. His agency AF MEDIA helps brands to scale massively using results-oriented, direct response advertising. Huffington Post calls him one of the foremost Facebook advertising experts in the world and The Next Web calls him a marketing specialist with one of the highest ROI-producing Facebook formulas amongst advertisers.


Pivotal Moments:

Grew up in the Ukraine, where he spent five years getting his masters in economy and accounting, but didn’t find much fulfillment from his learning.
Realized that he could make more money freelancing for people abroad, but didn’t have the skills or knowledge – and nor did he speak English.
Started teaching himself SEO, Google Ads and Social Media management using online tutorials.
Created personal profiles on various online freelancing platforms such as Elance (now Upwork) and started getting jobs.
Agreed to take on every job that came his way, figuring out how to do the jobs as he went along.
Decided that he wanted to focus on one specific area and chose Facebook Ads.
Built up a Facebook community (which currently has over 26,000 people) to help people who needed advice, but that community eventually became the medium for the bigger clients to reach him.
Slowly picked up momentum, getting bigger and better jobs, until he reached his current stage where he has seven employees and a thriving Facebook Ads business.

Resources and Links:

Part 2 of this episode,
where you will learn the most incredible tools for managing Facebook Ads, will be live Thursday 10th January, 2019. 

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