Congratulations! I’ve made it to 100!! And that means you are in for a super exciting treat. For my centenary, I’ve dug deep and brought you an incredible guest who will share with you all the secrets that you’ve been waiting for!

I don’t want to waste a second of my special episode, so I’ve packed it with GOLD. I’ve thrown in some practical tips – like finding your SWONs to catch your BEEs, emotional struggles – like leaving life behind to grow further, insights on life and so much more. This episode will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you with incredible value like never before.

My Guest: Super Surprise 😂

My guest today has built a six-figure business in 2 years without spending a dime on advertising. This mom of five guides business owners ranging from multi-millionaires to freelancers on how to earn more money with less headache.

This founder and owner of an LA-based boutique consultancy is a marketing maven who has hacked the code to closing 5-figure deals using social media. She gives her clients – and everyone else listening – a piercing clarity on where they can put their best efforts in everything from marketing to staff management. She is also the host of an incredible podcast, where she humanizes business and helps businessify humans. Sound familiar yet?


Keep your face to the sunshine, and you’ll never see the shadows -Helen Keller

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About the author, Estie Rand

I love turning ideas into money, and helping others do the same. I help small business owners with everything from marketing to fiscal management, business plans to staffing, database architecture to work/life balance coaching and I love it all! What do you need help with today?