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49: Digital Marketing Strategies with Kendra Ramirez (Part 1)

Feeling confused on how to build and implement your digital marketing strategy? Kendra Ramirez is a seasoned expert in building digital marketing strategies and has been working in digital for over 15 years. In this episode she explains, in full detail, the ins and outs of digital marketing strategy, starting with an assessment of your business all the way through to creating your ad and testing it with analytics.




My Guest: Kendra Ramirez

Kendra Ramirez is globally recognized as the face on the home page of, a John Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award recipient, AMA Marketing Legend and a finalist for the Social Media Innovator of the Year. Since 2005, she has helped hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, leverage digital technologies. Kendra has spent more than 15 years in technology companies as a change agent in sales, marketing and recruiting leadership for B2B customers.

Kendra is also a crazy sports mom who springs out of bed in the morning to conquer the world and annoys others who are not morning people.


Pivotal Moments:

In 2005 started working in the digital industry as a self-leader for a Fortune 500 company.
Was engaged mostly in training businesses in how to use marketing tools but realized that most businesses didn’t have the underlying strategy to use the tools effectively.
Decided to open her own digital marketing agency focusing on the strategy as well as the tools.
Took her business plan to three coaches and mentors who unanimously told her that digital marketing was a fad and would soon disappear.
Was convinced that digital marketing had a strong future, so opened her business anyway.
Was doing well and making sales, but the lack of a self-sustaining sales cycle lead to the death of business when the recession hit in 2008.
Took a W2 job as a digital marketing consultant and trainer which gave her some great experience and skills.
Re-opened her own agency three years ago, getting back to her W2 job salary within two months.
Kendra is now running a full digital agency providing websites, social media management, lead generation, social ads and more. She employs eight full time staff, ten full time freelancers and is averaging at 22 meetings a week for herself!


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For Part 2 of this episode, where you can learn the five steps of creating a digital marketing strategy, plus Kendra’s struggle and breakthrough, go to

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