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72: Generate a Consistent Flow of New Clients with Tom Poland (Part 2)

There’s a science to lead gen, and Tom Poland is the number one scientist is the field. Tom, who named the science Leadsology, has cracked the code to bring a consistent flow of new client inquiries every week. In this episode, not only does Tom pull back the curtain on how to generate consistent leads, he also shares the method that he personally uses to sell his own service, and it’s no less genius than the product he’s selling.

We also dive deep into project management systems, detailing the pros and cons of some of the bigger models out there. Plus, there’s some talk of cats and dogs, Entrepreneurial Boredom Syndrome (EBS) and a little Castaway Beach in Queensland, Australia. Join us for an episode packed with gold, gold and more gold.

My Guest: Tom Poland

Tom Poland is the best selling author of the Leadsology series and he has started and sold numerous businesses with multimillion-dollar revenues. He is voluntarily married to a pretty German frau who he affectionately refers to as his little Bavarian bulldozer. He lives quietly and happily on the sand next to the waves in the little Castaways Beach in Queensland, Australia,


Episode Highlights:

[8:22]: I had two things going in my favor; one I was ignorant and second I was broke…. So being ignorant, I made no assumptions about what would work and what wouldn’t work. So I sat at the feet of a lot of people and tried to figure it out. And being broke, I was a hellish motivated. I mean, I literally had three mortgages and I just started a family.

[12:17]: I call them, you know, we’ve had this conversation about cats and dogs before. The entrepreneur, the business owner, the salesperson, they’re all dogs in my world…. So dogs are big-picture thinkers, they like working with people… Cats, on the other hand, love five-year cash flow spreadsheets.

[22:02]: This is the number one object of any online presentation, assuming it’s a marketing style presentation and not a training, which is a very different beast. The number one objective is the demonstration of your ability to deliver on the promise in the title. It doesn’t matter what sort of fancy pants bonuses or scarcity stuff you do. If you fail to demonstrate clearly unequivocally that you have the ability to deliver on the promise in the title, you have failed your entire presentation.

[31:46]: And I believe that some people are listening, going, “Oh my gosh, it’s so manipulative. That’s why I buy stuff and then I regret it later. Because all these marketers, Estie, Tom, all of you, you’re all manipulating.”

[34:50]: All those times, someone said, “Trust me, give me your money, and I’ll show you how to get new your clients, it didn’t work out so well. No, it didn’t. So how many times have you done that? Oh, three times? Five times? Seven times? Nine times? Wow. So let’s stop doing that, right…. So what I’m going to say is, you want to work with me, don’t trust me.

[41:30]: People look at the money-back guarantee… Yeah, I’ve done that before. And I really feel bad about asking for the guarantee…. There’s no guarantee that the guarantee will be guaranteed.

[47:22]: Well, our biggest business struggle is actually behind the scenes. It’s the project management stuff. Dogs like doing new things all the time, you know, we get bored very easily. So we have 15 remote contractors, remote employees, if you like, scattered from the USA, across the Philippines, Bangladesh, India. And so the biggest challenge for me, personally, is letting go and stop being so directive, and start empowering team members to have their own ideas, not just follow my orders.



The enemy of great strategy, is the good idea.


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