138: Business Diversified with Ryan Kugler (Part 2)

Many people want to use fast paths to making money. In this episode Ryan shares with us 4 steps to succeed: Make a decision, Set a clear goal, Make a list and Take action on your list.

My Guest: Ryan Kugler

Directing a movie starting at age of 13 with some major stars and for the last 25-years, he has been building profitable businesses. He runs several seven and eight-figure companies, including A5 Events, Ideal Content and Plan B Distribution. The best part? He doesn’t work insane hours and is able to spend most of his time with his family.

Pivotal Moments

·       Ryan is a busy guy and is on podcasts because he wants to help people.

·       There are core principles that work that need to be brought to life in the new generation.

·       Ryan began with a family business when he was in high school and learnt there are issues that come up that you need more money so he opened a second business followed by a third.

·       The more he worked the more he received what he wanted.

·       When you are doing something you want to do and you get compliments it is rewarding, and then you can continue.    


Ryan makes a list and then pursues it. 

·       First thing is specificity, and then make a list of how to get to it. Take action.

·       Be sure to put your phone to the side. Don’t be lazy about communications

·       Use the computer and landline.


Name, want, get your product.

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