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Anniversary Gift: From Me to You

I am beyond thrilled that our audience and our community is growing so much. Last week we brought back everyone’s five favorite guests in a punch-punch 5-day series (if you didn’t get your power-packed value yet, tune in using the links below). This week, I have an anniversary gift for you! How cool is that?

What’s the gift? The gift is that I’ll make sure you stop selling snowcones instead of icebergs. I’ll explain.


Snowcones or Icebergs?

You’re walking down the street, and you see this little snowcone stand on the street corner, manned by your family member, or colleague, or acquaintance, or neighbor. And, he is killing it. People are lined up around the block to buy his snowcones. You’re like, dude, that’s so easy, I could do that. I’m going to give it a try.

So you open up a snow cone stand on a corner nearby. Your stand looks pretty similar to his, your pricing is similar and you’re in a good location. But no one’s buying now. People are passing by your stand and turning their noses up at the price of your snowcones.

Here’s what’s happening.

That other guy is not selling snow cones. He’s selling icebergs. There’s so much stuff beneath the surface of other people’s business that you don’t see. There’s an entire iceberg underneath every successful business called business strategy and marketing strategy, and that’s why people are buying. But all you see is the very tip of the iceberg, the snowcone. If you copy just the snowcone without building your iceberg, it’s no wonder that your business fails.


Confidence in your Competence

Today I want to give you a certain clarity on the iceberg that lies under every successful service-based business. That iceberg is confidence. When you have confidence in what you are selling, who you are selling to and the value you are providing, you can sell anything to anybody. When you don’t, you almost can’t sell anything.


5 Day Marketing Success Challenge

So here’s my gift. I’ve created a five day marketing success challenge to help you gain that confidence.


What is it?

It’s a mini-course/challenge that is the foundation of all marketing. It will build your confidence and clarity, so that you can market yourself and your business successfully.

What does it include?

Each day you’ll get a 15-minute training and an exercise to challenge yourself and help you change your marketing.

How do I get it?

If this is something you need, go right now to We’re giving away 250 free spots so make sure to go right now to get total free access.

Go to to grab one of the 250 free spots

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About the author, Estie Rand

I love turning ideas into money, and helping others do the same. I help small business owners with everything from marketing to fiscal management, business plans to staffing, database architecture to work/life balance coaching and I love it all! What do you need help with today?

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