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122: All Roads Lead To Rome With Tony TUrso (Part 1)

Tony has generated multiple 7 figures annually for a decade and a half using lead generation strategies that stand the test of time that don’t depend on algorithms and don’t depend on the latest and greatest. In this episode Tony pulls back the curtain and uncovers the secrets on how to reach tens of thousands of people and make money.

My Guest: Tony DUrso:

Tony DUrso is one of the top podcasters in the country. He’s the #1 talk show on VoiceAmerica and is on a roll for 15 Million Listens with over 500 interviews of some of the most successful people in their category, whom Tony calls, “Elite Entrepreneurs.” Tony’s shows are syndicated on Roku, Amazon Alexa & 14 AM/FM U.S. Radio Stations. He is an Amazon bestseller (Elite Entrepreneurs). Tony helps millions of entrepreneurs learn from the success of others. He teaches The Vision Map™, the testament to his success. Tony says, “Success awaits those who persevere and remain steadfast despite the odds”.

Pivotal Moments

·       Tony worked in Lead Gen for 7 years but then due to privacy regulations moved onto podcasting.

·       The reason he went into podcasting was because he was looking for something that he could control and didn’t have to follow any regulations.

·       There have been no industry regulations against podcasting. Besides for certain words that may not be used and if they are used you get put on a watch list.

·       Social media platforms are amazing. It takes work.

·       You need to focus on the basic core social media platforms and grow them faster. That is the key to success.

·       Tony would rather grow his twitter than his facebook.

·       His favorate platforms are Twitter and LinkedIn.

·       Although there are many podcasters out there, most of them give up after 10 shows.

·       There are easy ways to make money through podcasting, through hacking your day job.

·       Bring on people to your show and part of that deal is if the guest sends that show to their lists.


If you want your business to make money, the first place to go to is LinkedIn. If you don’t have 30,000 people following you, then keep going. You need to reach out to connect to the first 30,000 and then you will grow from there.

Current Business Struggle:

How to break into that next level. It takes planning, courage and strategy. At different levels there are different challenges, so Tony is working on his challenges in order to grow.


All roads lead to Rome

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