98: Discover Your Presenting Style with Chris Tabish (Part 1)

Do you think you’re funny? As funny as Jerry Lewis?

If so, you’re the perfect presenter. Finding your style in how you present will unlock doors to success in business. Discover whether you like presenting yourself to the world via email, speeches, question and answer sessions- or should we just stick to comedian-style?

In this episode, Chris Tabish explains Comediology concepts, the most incredible model for discovering your style. If you’re not a presenter, quit struggling to get out on that stage and get started on writing those emails. And if you are, shut off those emails and get performing!

My Guest: Chris Tabish

Chris Tabish is a Silicon Valley business professional, active stand-up comedian and author of the book “Comediology”, how to be more effective and fulfilled in business with principles learned from stand-up comedy.

Chris Tabish is the co-founder of Venture West Consulting in Silicon Valley whose mission is to help organizations create meaningful strategies and bring them to reality. Venture West has helped many Fortune 500 companies like Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems, Veritas Software, Brown and Toland, Petco and Juniper Networks, to name a few.

Chris found his way into the stand-up comedy community in 2010 out of desperation to bring more joy into his career and life. After taking his own happiness into consideration, he left his executive position and began consulting using his unique Comediology concepts with the corporate world. He noticed the difference in his clients and wrote his book to share his techniques with other corporate citizens who felt ineffective or unfulfilled in their career. Chris continues to perform stand-up in the San Francisco Bay area where he lives with his wife and three kids.

Episode Highlights:

“Comedy is when applying successful comedy techniques traditionally used to abuse, entertain or make an audience laugh, to your regular occupation profession or trade, to enhance your daily effectiveness, fulfilment and joy.”

“It was a journey into the unknown. I was like a storm trooper.”

“I had to find something that brought me joy”

“I used to think comedy was about bringing a joke to the audience. Over time (embarrassingly a lot of time) I realised it’s not about that.”

“If you are really imputing your why into what you are doing, you will find joy in that moment. It’s amazing. It’s transformational.”

“Comedy forces you to look inside yourself.”


Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

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