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LinkedIn Selling- Business Breakthrough Podcast

24: $20+ Million with LinkedIn Selling, Learn How with Dennis Brown

By Estie Rand | 08/15/2018 |

In this episode Dennis Brown tells us how he built and sold a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company that was turning over $80 million in sales by 2016 using LinkedIn selling. We then move on to discuss the struggle of all successful coaches and consultants of what you do when the business starts to grow beyond you. Do you clone yourself? Do you cut back on clients? Are there other solutions? Actually there are! Listen in to find out.

Chris Saavedra- Business Breakthrough Podcast

23: Break Into Hollywood with Chris Saavedra

By Estie Rand | 08/08/2018 |

Chris Saavedra is the founder of Saint Agency, an independent talent agency based in Los Angeles, California. He give us an inside look behind the curtain at how Hollywood operates and what it means to be an agent in any industry. The most surprising thing I personally learnt is how much being an actor or model is like running any independent or freelancing business, as the tools Chris teaches us apply in every sector. We discuss the ever growing struggle among independent professionals, especially agents, who essentially run a 24 hour work day, how to black out time so that their significant relationships don’t suffer.

Work Life Balance with John Lee Dumas- Business Breakthrough Podcast

22: Work/Life Balance from the Passive Income Master John Lee Dumas

By Estie Rand | 07/31/2018 |

John Lee Dumas is the world famous host of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast where he has interviewed over two thousand of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and currently earns a 7-figure net profit from. He talks to us today about how to decide what to say no to. When so many things come your way, how do you choose what to go with and how do you strike the right work life balance so that you can still enjoy your life even when your business becomes super successful.

21: Become a Social Media Influencer with Forbes #4 Gen Z Marketer Mehak Vohra

By Estie Rand | 07/25/2018 |

Mehak Vohra cracked the code to becoming a social media sensation on three major platforms, and turning her popularity into a full time business. Starting out with YouTube, moving to Quora with hundreds of thousands of views, and most recently hacking virallity on LinkedIn, turning her influencer status into real money. Mehak shares with us her secrets to creating viral content and becoming an influencer, as well as the model for leveraging that to create a business. She also shares with us a very relatable struggle of consistency in business, specifically in regularly posting content and keeping up with your audience when you have a lot of other things going on, even when posting content is what created and builds your primary business. The solution to this dilemma might surprise you.

20: Turning Creative Talent Into Real Money With Illustrator Yoel Judowitz

By Estie Rand | 07/18/2018 |

Yoel Judowitz relates how he has managed to scale a really individual and unique creative energy to a fully functional company, adding 5 figures of revenue monthly just from LinkedIn postings. He also shares with us the relateable struggle of finding balance as your company grows, which led to our discussion on the little recognized topic of work/work balance and the elephant in the room of small business success.

19: A Millennial’s Guide to Selling $2.5M Online In Just One Season With Rachel S Lee

By Estie Rand | 07/11/2018 |

Rachel S Lee and her partners sold over $2.5 million using only keyword research, Facebook advertising and ClickFunnels, this past winter. In this episode Rachel shares with us the secret of being successful with a laptop business, giving you the freedom to work successfully from anywhere, anytime – she tells us about affiliate marketing. Rachel also speaks about a really relateable struggle of that guilty feeling, worrying that you are working too much or too little, never knowing how much to post on social media, feeling like you’re posting too much, too little – for which we came up with a strategic solution.

Rachel S Lee teaches people how to make passive income with their laptop through affiliate marketing. She loves to create new content for her YouTube and online course and is a Clickfunnels 2 comma club winner and soon to be a Clickfunnels dream car winner. She is an author of 2 books and has spoken on dozens of stages in Southern California. She always has fresh resources and trainings at

18: Own a Business Asset Instead of Buying Yourself a Job With Disruptor Artem Mashkov

By Estie Rand | 07/03/2018 |

Artem discusses with us today the best way to own a business asset as opposed to buying yourself a job so that you can make your money work for you instead of you working for it all day long. He also opens up about his struggle as a nice guy, always wanting to please and help everyone and how that backfired, losing him $92,000 – which turned out to be the best ROI of all of his investments.

Artem Mashkov is the founder of Devtribe, a serial entrepreneur and industry disruptor in retail, hospitality, automotive and business services. He currently owns 12 paging zone Verizon stores with other investments including sports bars in Manhattan, a vegan creperie in Williamsburg and an auto leasing company in South Brooklyn.

17: The Best Way To Hire The Best Secretary With Recruiter Estee Cohen

By Estie Rand | 06/28/2018 |

Estee Cohen is the owner of California Job Shop, a recruiting firm that specializes in staffing small and medium sized businesses and non-profits in California. After earning her Master’s in Educational Administration and teaching for 7 years, Estee had an opportunity to staff her husband’s new business with its first 5 employees. After working for her husband for a few years to help launch his thriving wholesale business, she was hired as a contract recruiter for several firms and felt that she had found her calling in staffing. Estee realized that no recruiting firm was catering to the tight budgets and alacrity which small businesses need to grow their workforce. She created an inexpensive, “win-win” model (in which both the employee and employer win) and opened her recruiting firm in 2015. It was an overnight hit and she had single-handedly closed over 500 positions by the end of 2016. Estee has a 4 kids and lives in Los Angeles. She is also a proponent of science education and is active in non-profits which support couples struggling with infertility.

Estee Cohen gives us the wisdom to hire the low level positions in your company – from the secretary to the truck driver, the delivery person and the medical assistants. These unsung heroes are critical to your business success and Estee gives us her best tips and tools to get the right people in, as well as discussing her struggle with managing and training staff with an innovative shortcut solution

16: Why Becoming Rejection-Proof Got Him From Homeless To Famous With Master of Sales Simone Vincenzi

By Estie Rand | 06/19/2018 |

Simone is that guy that you see on Facebook ads who is a coach earning 6 figures coaching other coaches how to earn 6 figures, and you think to yourself “is this for real?”

But he is actually a real person! Not only is he real, but he shares with us how he created a formula to turn events into 6-figure earnings.

Simone shares his incredible journey – a typical rags-to-riches story with an atypical twist on the humanity of it all. He talks about the drive behind it and how he became rejection-proof, as well as his struggle to balance running a massive company and business and also dedicate the time and energy necessary to his new marriage, to build a strong relationship and not repeat mistakes from his past.

15: How To Get A Meeting With Any Big Decision Maker With Giftologist John Ruhlin

By Estie Rand | 06/14/2018 |

John Ruhlin is a former Ohio farm boy who became Cutco’s greatest seller out of 1.5 million representatives and distributors in their 68 year history. He founded The Ruhlin Group in the year 2000 and quickly broadened the gifting options offered. He is the author of Giftology: The Art and Science of Using Gifts to Cut Through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Client Retention and he counts among his clientele companies like Chevron and Vitamix and sports teams including the Chicago Cubs.
Today, John tells us about the journey that brought him from milking goats to $25,000 speaking engagements and gives us what I think is one of the greatest insights of all time in business and sales: it’s not about you. Just like every successful business owner, John is always looking for ways to grow his business. In this episode, he tells us about the times he almost lost his company then was able to pick it up again, and also shares his current struggle of trying to grow his business in new and different ways.

14: The Science Behind Copywriting that Actually Sells with Mary Rose “Wildfire” Maguire

By Estie Rand | 06/06/2018 |

Mary Rose “Wildfire” Maguire, founder of Maguire Copywriting, is an accomplished direct response copywriter and digital marketing consultant. With over 30 years experience in marketing, copywriting, newsletter creation, design, and communications, she helps CPAs and small businesses market their practice.

Her journey to the place she’s at now took her all 30 years! Tune in to hear her journey from employee, to NSA speaker, and the stroke of luck that landed a job in marketing at a cyber security company, leading to her epiphany that launched her third official business, Maguire Copywriting.

Mary Rose also shares her struggle of landing business in her chosen niche. She knows the CPA’s need her marketing help, but they don’t seem to realize it… what’s a marketer to do?

13: Winning at Shark Tank & the Start-Up Scene with Waive Car Founder Isaac Deutsch

By Estie Rand | 05/29/2018 |

Isaac Deutsch is the co-founder and CEO of WaiveCar, a ride sharing company offering free use of a fleet of electric cars, each with an LCD display on top for advertising. Isaac comes from the real estate world where he worked on both commercial and residential projects. He took that passion and molded into a new kind of business.
Isaac describes the brainstorm behind WaiveCar, what’s it like to be on Shark Tank and get a deal! as well as gives us a window into the tech startup world, which is fascinatingly different than the small business world not only in the day to day, but the entire business model.

12: How Giving Out Free Books Built His First 7-Figure Business with Nick Nanton

By Estie Rand | 05/23/2018 |

An Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Esq., produces media and branded content for top thought leaders and media personalities around the world. Nick is a leading expert on branding and storytelling, and has authored more than two dozen best-selling books (including the Wall Street Journal best-seller StorySelling™) and produced and directed more than 50 documentaries, earning 5 Emmy wins and 18 nominations. Nick speaks to audiences internationally on the topics of branding, entertainment, media, business and storytelling at major universities and events.

Nick is also the CEO of DNA Media, and oversees a portfolio of companies with over 3000 clients in 36 countries. He is an award-winning director, producer and songwriter who has worked on everything from large scale events to television shows with the likes of Steve Forbes, Ivanka Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield (creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Michael Gerber and many more.

He has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur® Magazine, Forbes, FastCompany, and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX television affiliates across the country as well as on CNN,FOX News, CNBC, and MSNBC from coast to coast.

Nick is a member of the Florida Bar, a member of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Home to the EMMYs), Co-founder of The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®, and serves on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about “radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity” through incentivized competition, best known for it’s Ansari XPRIZE which incentivized the first private space flight and was the catalyst for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Nick also enjoys serving as an Elder at Orangewood Church, working with Young Life, Downtown Credo Orlando, Entrepreneurs International and rooting for the Florida Gators with his wife Kristina and their three children, Brock, Bowen and Addison.

Nick shares his journey to the big time, peppered with marketing wisdom on how to create media buzz and build a big time brand, even for small businesses and service providers. Nick shares his current struggle with selling and publishing the documentaries he produces as the media world shifts from the big networks to the micro, while the audiences still value the big guys more – and producers are caught in the middle.

11: The Disaster of Business Conformity with Steve Sims

By Estie Rand | 05/15/2018 |

Over the past 24 years Steve Sims has quietly become the Wizard Of Oz to the world’s wealthiest celebrities, professional athletes, and successful entrepreneurs. He would be insulted if you called him a luxury “concierge”, because that would imply that he’s picking up Taylor Swift’s dry cleaning and walking P. Diddy’s dog. Sims’ clients already have people for that. They call Sims when they’re looking to drop a million dollars to get married at the Vatican or reserve a rocket to the International Space Station.

Today Steve tells us how he went from door bouncer to guide for both the rich and famous, and even better, the richer and unknown, as well as putting a life changing spin on his current “struggles.”

10: Turning Leads into Gold with the Alchemist Entrepreneur Dov Gordon

By Estie Rand | 05/09/2018 |

Dov Gordon helps consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs develop a consistent flow of their ideal clients. The self titled “Alchemist Entrepreneur” helps turn leads into gold, much like the mythical alchemist turned lead into gold. By working on the underlying structure of the metal in order to turn something common into something priceless, Dov eschews flashy tricks and tactics and instead works on the core concepts of your marketing message and systematic implementation.

In this episode, Dov gives us some great tips, tools and frameworks for marketing as well as talks about how he built a business never having even held a job, and voices the common struggles of so many in lead generation, and targeting clients at different spending levels.

09: The Latest in Hyperlocal Social Media Strategy with Digital Marketer Mordecai Holtz

By Estie Rand | 05/01/2018 |

Mordecai Holtz is the co-founder and chief digital strategist at Blue Thread Marketing, a boutique agency based in Israel that serves clients across 8 countries, ranging from startups to the City of Jerusalem. Mordecai is also a key opinion leader for Huawei, and a blogger with contributions in Fast Company, Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, and Social Media World. He’s been quoted in Forbes, CMO, Inc. and was interviewed by Dukascopy TV about digital marketing.

He not only walks the walk, but talks the talk at various conferences including Socialbakers Prague 2018, IMEX 2017, TBEX Jerusalem 2017. He is an adviser to Blockchain Israel and has mentored several Jerusalem-based startups.
In this episode we hear how Mordecai runs all social media for a city on his own, on multiple platforms, utilizing the latest in social media geolocation and influencer marketing as well as his current struggle of how to make a good thing even better.

08: Eliminate Negativity From Your Communications for Transformational Positive Results with Mary Shores

By Estie Rand | 04/24/2018 |

Mary shores is an award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the CEO for the collections agency she founded 24 years ago, Mary had an epiphany that developed into the current Conscious Communications system and book, involving eliminating negative words from conversations. This transformed her collections work (as it’s always uncomfortable calling people for money) and now helps individuals utilize this tool to create the life they always wanted.

In this episode we talk about how just researching Mary’s story and system already changed my life and earned me money (a few thousand dollars overnight, to be exact) when I implemented one of her tools. Mary also shares with us a very relatable struggle of reinventing herself and the bumps along the journey to a new personal vs. company branding.

07: Why Being Super Niche is the Key to Success with the Infographic King Brian Wallace

By Estie Rand | 04/18/2018 |

Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, the #1 infographic agency in the USA and works with a clientele ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Google and Twitter.

In this episode we talk to Brian about how he was able to take something so super niche – infographics – and explode it to have clients across the spectrum of every industry and business type, as well as his current struggle having just returned from the SXSW conference with an explosion of new business, and not quite enough staff on hand to manage it.

Bonus segment of geek speak and Brian’s predictions for the future state of business over the next 5 years, including AI, chatbots, cryptocurrency, AR/VR and more!

06: Simple Publicity Hacks to Reach your Dreams and Grow your Business with Ashley Crouch

By Estie Rand | 04/10/2018 |

Today we hear about Ashley’s amazing journey from herding chickens out in rural Arkansas to running an international publicity agency out of Malibu, California. Ashley is not only proof that if you dream it, you can live it, but her company, Appleseed Communications helps hundreds of women live their dreams by supercharging their business through publicity, while also supporting female entrepreneurs in developing countries 1:1 for every client helped.

Ashley talks about her struggle with her growing popularity – how can she be available for potential new leads without compromising her time, and maximize the time she does spend on lead generation.

05: Networking His Way to a Stable Passive Income by Age 23 with Eli Hochberg

By Estie Rand | 03/27/2018 |

Eli Hochberg started his first business at 19, and now, at the tender age of 23, he is already on his 3rd successful venture. He is the founder and king of the LinkedIn 30 days movement #30DS and in addition to generating a passive income from his first credit card processing business, Eli now owns a digital marketing consultancy and moonlights as a police chaplain.

In this episode we get to hear the single most important tool Eli used to grow both his first business and his current one, as well as talk about a common entrepreneurial struggle – time management.

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