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I love business.

I always have, and I probably always will.

The thrill of turning ideas into money, creating value where there previously was none just doesn't get old for me.

friendship braceletsBorn with a natural business head, my first foray into the business world was at the ripe old age of 10. I sold custom name bracelets to my friends - as well as through the local crafting store. I was not only profitable, selling at 800% C0Gs, I had back-orders! With order forms printed on a typewriter (ok, so I'm an older millennial), little me ran this like a real business. I even have record of my efficiency systems, such as offering only certain colors and designs, so as to speed up the process.

Over the years I've run numerous small businesses, with another favorite being in my senior year of high school. This was by far my most profitable business to date as it earned me a few hundred dollars, plus a presidential scholarship to business school (full tuition + expenses) in New York City. It's a really great story - remind me to tell it to you some time.

Now for a serial entrepreneur, I'm a shockingly risk-averse person. I was always happy running businesses when I was young and someone else paid my rent, or as a side hustle along with a full time job. I fell into my current situation - running my own business consultancy full-time - quite unexpectedly. 


For me, I really am living my dream.


After working in NPO's for over 10 years, I left my job as a CIO due to internal politics. That's also a great story you can hear more about here. It was fairly traumatic as that job had been not only my whole life, but my whole income and I was the main supporter of my growing family at the time. Being prudent, I took on a few backup jobs and began to ruminate on my dream...

You see, it was 2011 and the small business boom was just getting started. In my neighborhood alone I met dozens of people beginning to offer random services, Etsy products, becoming coaches, and the like. And I would think to myself:

"This is a great idea, but she's marketing it totally wrong."
"He'd be so smart to turn that gig into a full time shop."
"This guy could charge twice as much and get it easily."


"Oh dear, what a waste of time and money, someone should really tell him that travel agents are currently competing with Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia and Google - he clearly doesn't know."
"That ad is a total waste of space. They're targeting the wrong audience at the wrong price."

I felt that if these people would just have a bit of business or marketing background or assistance they'd fare so much better living out their dreams. 


My dream was to help others live theirs.


I confided in a head hunter one day - a former McKinsey consultant - and she destroyed my dream. Telling me I was fool, that I needed another 20 years business experience to help others, that no one would ever take me seriously and for sure never hire me.


And the fighter in me woke up.


I tried to explain to her the shifts I was seeing locally. How suddenly everyone and their brother's-best friend's-sister-in-law was going into business, and they needed help! Not big business consulting help, but small business help. How after all my years in non-profit working on skeleton budgets, with my business background I'd be perfect to give that help.

She disagreed.


And suddenly the entrepreneur in me woke up.


You see, over the years I forgot who I was as I tried to play by the rules:
I finished university with honors.
Got my first entry level marketing position working until 10:00 PM weekly.
Got married, had children and more jobs.
I got promoted until I hit the C-Suite. 
And for what?
To lose it all when management changed.

Fast forward 8 years and I'm here to tell the tale, having given birth to my company while also adding two more children to my family. I went from freelancer to the business owner I was meant to be, taking some clients along with me to do the same, as we moved clear across the planet (from Jerusalem to Los Angeles). I almost gave up but never gave in, growing the company to six-figures with no advertising.

And still having time for my family,
Every. Single. Day.

And it's time you do the same.


You want to do what you love, or what you're good at.

You want to earn money to support yourself, and maybe your loved ones as well.

And you want to make sure you can still have time for yourself and them in the process.

So tune in, join in or reach out and
live the dream with me.


My dream always was, and still is, to help small business owners live their dreams. I've noticed that all business owners struggle somewhere. Even those that look so shiny and perfect on the outside are hurting somewhere on the inside.

Many of the podcasts out there feature rags-to-riches success stories with the promise that you can do it too! Ever felt that you really can't?

That's why I created the Business Breakthrough Podcast, featuring stories that you can relate to, sharing struggles you can learn from. The show features business owners - from those just starting out to the super successful - and in addition to exploring previous transformational business moments and hearing their best advice, together we aim to reach a Business Breakthrough live on air!


I'd love to have you on the show,

or just chat and hear about your business.



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