08: Eliminate Negativity From Your Communications for Transformational Positive Results with Mary Shores

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My Guest: Mary Shores

Mary shores is an award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the CEO for the collections agency she founded 24 years ago, Mary had an epiphany that developed into the current Conscious Communications system and book, involving eliminating negative words from conversations. This transformed her collections work (as it’s always uncomfortable calling people for money) and now helps individuals utilize this tool to create the life they always wanted.

In this episode we talk about how just researching Mary’s story and system already changed my life and earned me money (a few thousand dollars overnight, to be exact) when I implemented one of her tools. Mary also shares with us a very relatable struggle of reinventing herself and the bumps along the journey to a new personal vs. company branding.

Pivotal Moments:

Rough start at life making her super resilient with a high risk tolerance due to the difficulties she endured
Taking over her parents collection agency
An early job as a telemarketer, giving her the background of sales to combine with collections
Epiphany at a Tony Robbins seminar to pivot and change the way she lives and does business

The creation of the Conscious Communications system

Words are how you build everything
Eliminate negative words [no, not, can’t, won’t, unfortunately, however] from communications and instead use words that elicit a response from the parasympathetic nervous system
The Hebrew alphabet is super cool! [It’s a fun tangent we went on for a bit]

The Struggle:

Mary is now transitioning her career from the executive of an 8-figure collections agency to a personal brand as an inspirational speaker and author – and the road has been bumpy. Mary hired a marketing company to help her brand but they made her a cookie-cutter site and branding that really doesn’t match who she is. Now 20K in the minus and burnt badly, how can she find someone she trusts to fix this and build her the brand that truly represents her uniqueness and life changing offering?

The Breakthrough:

Vetting a marketing company is similar to vetting any new potential relationship: CHECK THEM OUT! But not just what they post and show – aim to find people they have worked with that you know and ask about them. Also, be clear on what your looking for. In this case, Mary wants a company who can represent her for who she is, not just stamp out cookies of “inspirational-speaker-author” types, so Mary needs to look at previous work they’ve done and see if any of it looks different and if their style resonates with her.


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