03: How a Soloprenuer Can Get Clients Such as Sprint & Apple with Jeff Estow

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My Guest: Jeff Estow

Jeff Estow is the founder and owner of Waving Cat Productions, a production services company helping advertisers and ad agencies procure talent for television commercials.

Jeff has helped procure talent such as Kate Walsh, Andy Garcia, Diane Keaton and Bob Dylan as well as sports figures such as Pau Gasol and Tiki Barber. His clientele includes Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Google, Hummer, Cadillac with his current client of fame being Sprint.

In this episode we talk to Jeff about how he ended up running a buyers talent agency in Los Angeles having started out working for an ad agency in Boston, and about his current struggle of how to do business development when he’s at max capacity, while at the same time being fairly dependent on one large client.


See the writing on the wall and take action
It’s not what you know, it’s who know (especially in Hollywood)
The best way to prospect when you’re at max capacity
What to do when the majority of your income is from one client

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If you can do this just as well, if not better, than the other guy you have a business
Cultivate your network, you never know when it comes in to save the day
You want to always be exploring new opportunities, even when fully booked
Nothing lasts forever- so don’t panic, just be prepared

Jeff’s Quote:

Jeff is not a quote guy.

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